Day Trips

Maryhill Museum of Art

To some the Maryhill Museum of Art will be much more than a Day Trip, however we have known people to travel further in a day and turn around and come back to Olympia. You could do this as part of a trip down to the Columbia River Gorge.

This museum has to be one of the best kept secrets of the northwest. It is hidden away on a beautiful stretch of the Columbia River near  Goldendale, WA.

The first time we visited we were blown away by the quality of the exhibits. Most of all by the amount of original work by master sculpture Rodin. The man famous for “the Thinker”. The collection is just incredible.

The story behind the founding of the museum and the building of the building is just too detailed for here. Plus it will be fun for you to discover for yourself. Just rest assured this trip will be worth ever mile of driving and and every penny of cost (albeit it is fairly cheap to join or visit the museum).

Mount Ellinor

Mount Ellinor is an easy drive from Olympia, and one of the best hikes we have ever been on. We went in August and the wildflowers were better than the famed ones of Mount Rainier.

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