Gentle to Raging River | Tumwater Falls Park

On the border of Tumwater and Olympia, tucked between the I5 freeway and the old Olympia brewery complex is Tumwater Falls Park. It is run by the Olympia Tumwater Foundation, set up by the Schmidt family in 1950, and also runs the historic Schmidt House.

It only takes half an hour or so to slowly stroll down to the lower falls and back. At the lower falls you can see the old historic brewery tower through the trees. The signage and historic explanations have been improved int he last couple of years, revealing to new comers to the area that this was once next the historic brewery, where the inside passage ended, the end of the navigable part of the Puget Sound, the home of a hydro-electric plant, and a vital area to the development of the entire area with tram cars running to saw mills and the commerce of historic Tumwater.

In late August through September you can see the salmon run through the fish hatchery. On certain days you can see them being milked for their eggs and being shipped off to local food banks.

The long running Falls Terrace Restaurant, looks out over the  upper falls. They are even lighted at night but some giant flood lights that sit on the roof of the restaurant.


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