Month: July 2012

Capital Lakefair


During the third weekend in July we have Capital Lakefair. The carnival rides move in to Heritage Park and surrounding streets are shut down for food vendors and the like.

Recognizing our youth and seniors and also giving local non-profits the opportunity to fund raise and be seen, Lakefair has over a 50 year history. From humble beginning before the park even existed to today’s week long event, capped off with a spectacular fireworks display.

Make sure you see the grand parade, the kit car races, or participate in the run.  There is so much to do and experience!

Visit Capital Lakefairs Web site, for itineraries, sponsors, all the activities, and historic information about Lakefair.

Walk Olympia

In our searching and browsing of all things Olympia today I happened upon this great blog specializing in walks around Olympia. It features walks in four different categories, Forest, Fresh Water, Prairie and Salt Water. There are about a dozen walks reviewed at the moment.

We shall have to see if the author, Ryan, is interested in contributing here. We shall see if this little blog post comes up on his radar! In the meantime let us hope he keeps adding to Walk Olympia.


I love this idea. Basecamp Olympia. Olympia, the Basecamp. Whatever you want to call it. The idea of putting Olympia on the map as more than the Capital. More than a crossroads. More than the birthplace of grunge. More than Evergreen. It is all of that and so much more!

If you have the time and a bottle wine listen to this.

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