Three Stop Day Trip

So if you are looking for a fun day to fill a day around Olympia here is a suggestion that will not break the bank.

First head off to Wolf Haven and take a tour (which start on the hour). You get to learn a lot about wolves and why they are such a beneficial part of the ecosystem. Admission is $10, if you grab one of their maps or coupons you get $2 off. Either way it is well worth the price of admission.

Next it is off to the Monarch Sculputure Park. This is a non-profit outdoor art gallery. Self guided tours. Donations excepted. It is also located on the Chelalis Bicycle Trail. So if your keen you could do this as part of a bike ride from Olympia. It is an interesting mix of art and worth the stop.

Finally a bite to eat will be in order so on your way back to Olympia stop at Lattin’s Cider Mill. The apple cider is great! They have a country style produce store, home made pies and donuts. All the fixings for a nice casual lunch in their gardens and farm.

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