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Capital Lakefair Festival – Olympia’s Carnival Extravaganza!

If you love traveling carnival rides and deep fried food, Lakefair is the place for you! The Capitalarians have been putting on this event for over 60 years. A scholarship for local high school girls, crowns one as a queen each year. It features with a great parade on the Saturday. Finally it is capped off on Sunday night with fireworks with the lake and capital campus as the backdrop. There are local food vendors set up on Water street, providing such fare as the famous (or infamous) Demoburgers, cooked by your local Democrats. Held in the middle of every July, see more details and a calendar of events at the Capital Lakefair Festival web...

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4th of July Fireworks – Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey

Every year we are reminded that there is a fireworks ban for residents of Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey.  Residents setting off fireworks in your neighborhood is rarely a treat, and often a stress for pets (how many missing or runaway dogs do you see on the 4th?). However do not fear, the professionals have you covered! Lacey Fireworks Lacey starts of the independence day festivities with the Lacey Fireworks Spectacular, on July 3rd. Find all of the details at the City of Lacey web site. Aimed at Families, there are live music, food and kids activities all held at Rainier Vista Park. Tumwater Fireworks It is nice to have an event on the actual holiday too! The City of Tumwater has you covered with the Artesian Family Festival and Thunder Valley Fireworks Show. Held on the Tumwater Valley Driving Range it is easily accessible to locals. One good time-saving trick is to walk to the event. Olympia Fireworks Olympia does not have fireworks over the 4th of July holiday as it focuses on Lakefair. Typically the third weekend of July. They end the celebration with a fireworks display on the Sunday night. Boston Harbor Fireworks Just a 10 minute trip up the peninsula from Olympia and you are in the sleepy seaside village of Boston Harbor. The marina is the center of it all and fittingly put on a...

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Updating Basecamp Olympia

So after a number of misfires and the like, we are having another stab at making Basecamp Olympia my perfect idea of tourism for Olympia. Olympia as your basecamp. Not Lacey or Tumwater, although they would fit only slightly less. Olympia has better walk-ability than its neighbors, especially when you are staying with us at the Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast. Unlike other tourism entities we do not have to be politically correct and all inclusive. Lets talk plainly. Olympia has the best farmers market, local attractions (Hands On Children’s Museum, WET Science Center), it has access to the...

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See a film downtown at the Olympia Film Society

Whether it be a rainy day, or a date night, the Olympia Film Society presents films in a traditional single screen movie theater. This downtown icon on 5th avenue features predominantly art house movies. Their calendar stretches out for a month or two allowing you to pre-plan the perfect date night. Grab dinner before or after at Darby’s across the road, or walk a block to Aqua Via for some finer dining. Or head the other way to the pub, that is the Fish Tale Pub, one of our favorites. Then wander Olympia with your sweetheart. Do not forget...

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Gentle to Raging River | Tumwater Falls Park

On the border of Tumwater and Olympia, tucked between the I5 freeway and the old Olympia brewery complex is Tumwater Falls Park. It is run by the Olympia Tumwater Foundation, set up by the Schmidt family in 1950, and also runs the historic Schmidt House. It only takes half an hour or so to slowly stroll down to the lower falls and back. At the lower falls you can see the old historic brewery tower through the trees. The signage and historic explanations have been improved int he last couple of years, revealing to new comers to the area that this...

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Olympia, Washington

What is Basecamp?

Olympia is your Basecamp to the surrounding area! It is the ideal place to base yourself for a few days while you explore the region. The Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier, Mount St Helens, the coast, even Seattle are all great day trips from Olympia.

Why not stay a week, one day traveling out of town and the the next staying in town and see a show, visit the Capital, wander Percival Landing, feel the vibe of the Farmers Market.